Video: Future Oceans – Fashion from Ocean Plastic

By Shylo

Future Oceans, as conceived by it’s founding partners the Victoria International Marina, Natural Talent Alliance and The Ocean Legacy Foundation, is a showcase that connects a real problem, Ocean Plastics, with a primary source industry hungry for change, Fashion and Clothing, to an entrepreneurial problem solver, Ocean Legacy Foundation, with the immeasurable means of a major user of the oceans, Yachters.

We challenged international fashion designers to visit the piles of ocean plastics salvaged by the Ocean Legacy Foundation and immerse themselves in a creative process of taking this discarded resource and creating works of wearable art that represent both an awareness of the problem, and humanities incredible ability to innovate to resolve. Natural Talent Alliance processed entries from numerous international designers, selecting finalists who demonstrated artistic innovation, exceptional talent, and a passion for our future oceans, ultimately embodying the entire ethos of this project.

On July 1st, 2019 their highly anticipated final wearable art pieces will be showcased to the world on the quays of the Victoria International Marina – a one-of-a-kind runway to match no other.