Plastic Pollution is a Threat to Global Security

By ShyloLove



There are no proven formulas which provide one solution to ending the plastic pollution crisis. The issues surrounding plastic pollution are complex as intersecting issues such as poverty, human health, food security, global climate change, and environmental degradation are all captured in this matter. This paper investigates the potential detrimental human health effects and the environmental implications caused by plastic pollution as a serious risk to global security. This study will define global security in the context of plastic pollution and will examine how the ‘real-world’ threat of mismanaged plastic may risk human health and safety, as well as the integrity of the natural environment. The key arguments of this paper are that the widespread environmental and economic impacts, as well as human health risk potential from plastic pollution, warrant an urgent and comprehensive response realized only through classifying the issue as a threat to global security. Due to a lack of binding and harmonized global governance, a dedicated international legal framework is missing which could catalyze world-wide action to stop plastic pollution in our communities and environments. The methodology of this study is inductive and will draw upon a range of evidence which includes peer reviewed journal articles, policy papers, global treaty papers, and reports from expert organizations. This paper will demonstrate that the significant compounding effects of plastic pollution pose an existential threat to global security which warrants similar binding global emergency measures that have resulted in other similar environmentally focused threats.



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