Motion 151 – A National Strategy to Combat Plastic Pollution Passed 100% in the House of Commons!

By Shylo
Motion 151, a national strategy to combat plastic pollution has been approved in the Canadian House of Commons with 100% of the vote!!motionpassed-1-1065x444

This is usually unheard of, and together we have collectively changed the face of Canada’s plastic pollution management and history.

Huge thank you to Gord Johns: Courtenay-Alberni Member of Parliament for leading this in parliament and for all the MPs who votedunanimously for this Motion.

Thank you to all the organizations and concerned citizens across the country who have been working to realize this historical moment.

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 — with Chloé Dubois,Gina Bo BinaFabian Dawson and Madhawa Bandara.

B.C. MP celebrates ‘tremendous’ victory as plastics pollution motion passes House

M-151 was tabled in November 2017 by Courtenay-Alberni MP Gord Johns.