Success in Via Del Mar, Mexico! Mayto Beach Cleanup Expedition March 23, 2019

By Shylo

What a successful cleanup!

With over 200 people we were able to clean approximately 12kms of shoreline on Saturday, March 23 in Via Del Mar, Mexico, in an area that is ecologically sensitive for sea turtle habitat. 

Disturbingly, half of all baby sea turtles found dead by Australian scientists had stomachs full of plastics. We are pleased with the community response and the huge impact we had on this habitat for future generations of sea turtles!

We were also a part of releasing some baby sea turtles into the ocean on a local clean beach. Together we will make a difference!

Thank you so much to Cabo Corrientes, Mexico, the school principals and students from El Tuito and Via Del Mar, Campamento Tortuguero MaytoLas TescalamasNestlé Pureza Vital Argentina , Cabañas El CielitoChicos Yelapa Beach ClubLoveFire Radio ॐNorth Shore ChartersGobierno de Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco, Freddy, Jenn and Michelle and so many other community members who gave a helping hand to ensuring such a beautiful experience for everyone!