Expedition to Clean Mexican Hotspots and Sea Turtle Habitat

By Shylo

mexican hotspots

Success! We have identified new Mexican hotspots to clean and are looking forward to working with new local partnerships to clean these areas up while continuing to develop our Marine Debris Solutions™ program to upcycle and reuse wasted plastics.

Disturbingly, half of all baby sea turtles found dead by Australian scientists had stomachs full of plastics. This is exactly why we are cleaning up this ecologically sensitive area for turtle habitat in Mayto Mexico on March 23rd, 2019 with members of the Yelapa, MEX community, Campamento de Proteccion y Conservacion de Torgua Marina and the municipality of Cabo Corrientes!

Come join us if you can: https://www.facebook.com/events/342199103294855/

Donate what you can to the cause here: https://oceanlegacy.ca/make-a-donation/


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