In-take centre

Aug 24 2017 – Sorting Event Update & Thanks!


A Plastic Ocean – We Need a Wave of Change – Film

BUY OR RENT THE FILM TODAY AND HELP CREATE A WAVE OF CHANGE!  (All proceeds directly benefit the Plastic Oceans Foundation)  VISIT PLASTIC OCEANS FOR MORE INFO: About the Film: Scientists Solving a Jigsaw Puzzle…Gyre by Gyre If it was happening in one gyre, they suspected it was happening in all of them. But Read More


An Evening Sorting Marine Debris with The Ocean Legacy Foundation


Loading Marine Debris, Headed to our Intake Centre!

PS: Thank you for the timelapse Lisa!


LUSH Partners with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to turn Marine Debris into Packaging

It’s true!  We are proud to have partnered with LUSH to remove 27 tonnes of marine debris and turn it into LUSH packaging! LUSH:  “Turning Ocean Plastic into Packaging Giving plastic pollution a new life..   It’s early June and the folks at The Ocean Legacy Foundation are preparing for a summer full of ocean cleanup expeditions Read More


You Can Make A Difference – Ocean Legacy Video by Red Rabbit Studio

hanging out picking up styrofoam

“What do you find out there?” – Video clip

Styrofoam Pit What do you find out there? This is a question we asked very frequently when we go look for and collect plastics. Meet one of the many of thousands of styrofoam pits! Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Monday, September 26, 2016


Cleanup at MuQwin / Brooks Peninsula Video Clip

Cleanup at MuQwin/ Brooks Peninsula Rain or shine we will be there to help clean up this planet Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Saturday, September 24, 2016