Video: Chloé Dubois, co-founder of Ocean Legacy, Talks Marine Debris

By Shylo

This week on, Chloe Dubois talks marine debris, shoreline finds, and The Ocean Legacy Foundation.

Posted by Ocean Wise on Thursday, September 14, 2017


A note from our co-founder Chloé Dubois: 

The world needs you to care right now. To rise to the greatest adventure of our lifetime by opening our hearts and reconnecting with not only each other but this planet. We invite you to figure out what this looks like in your own life and to act on what you learn. Reach in, reach out and rise! Thank you Ocean Wise for helping us share this story and for being such a powerful collaborator in this crucial work. If you would like to come to a sorting event or contribute in growing this project in any way please reach out to info at oceanlegacy dot ca Thank you, the OL Team