• Plastics in our oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water pose a dire threat to sensitive ecosystems, wildlife, communities, and individuals; and
  • Plastics make their way into these bodies of water in a variety of ways including: storm water outfalls; global ocean tides and currents; and direct industrial and consumer waste disposal.
We, the undersigned, the citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to adopt M-151, to establish a national strategy to combat plastic pollution, and to work with the provinces, municipalities, and indigenous communities to develop a national strategy to combat plastic pollution in and around aquatic environments, which would include the following measures:
1. Regulations aimed at reducing:
(a) Plastic debris discharge from stormwater outfalls;
(b) Industrial use of micro-plastics including, but not limited to, microbeads, nurdles, fibrous microplastics and fragments; and
(c) Consumer and industrial use of single-use plastics, including, but not limited to, plastic bags, bottles, straws, tableware, polystyrene (foam), cigarette filters, and beverage containers.
2. Permanent, dedicated, and annual funding for:
(a) Cleanup of derelict fishing gear;
(b) Community led projects to clean up plastics and debris on shores, banks, beaches and other aquatic peripheries; and
(c) Education and outreach campaigns on the root causes and negative environmental effects of plastic pollution in and around all bodies of water.