Let’s Talk Trash: Oceanfront Cleanups – In the News

By Shylo

plastic-debrisLet’s Talk Trash Team / Powell River Peak


By 2050, plastic could outweigh fish if we do not curb our consumption.

This staggering fact, along with photos we have all seen of plastic-choked beach fronts, can be overwhelming to think about, let alone change. How can we make a difference when the challenge seems so immense?

One organization is inspiring many to take action in tangible, practical ways. The Ocean Legacy Foundation is an international non-profit organization based out of Vancouver that is doing a lot of things right. One of its primary efforts has been assisting with and organizing ocean cleanups along the coast of BC and further afield.

The foundation’s approach is unique on several fronts. For one, it makes every effort to reuse, responsibly recycle and repurpose the plastics it collects, rather than simply sending them to the landfill.