Expedition Updates & Thank YOU!

By Shylo

This summer, some of the largest coordinated efforts took place to remove marine debris from our West coast Canadian shorelines, connecting so many wonderful people together in a common goal to better our environment.

Members of the Vancouver Island Marine Debris Working Committee and countless passionate community members have contributed to this cause to remove an estimated 30 plus tonnes of driftage off of Vancouver Island’s West Coast!

We would like to commend the efforts of everyone in some of the hardest work we have ever participated in.  We would also like to thank profusely the people of Japan for their gift in making this work possible and the Canadian Ministry of Environment.

We look forward to returning back to Vancouver safely in the next few days with a large load of debris and then will await the return of the GarBarge making its way down the coast hopefully September 14th.  More updates coming soon!

Thank you!!

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