40 Tons of Marine Debris Collected From Beach in British Columbia – Global News

By Shylo

SOURCE: https://globalnews.ca/news/2966393/40-tonnes-of-ocean-garbage-collected-off-vancouver-island-unloaded-in-richmond/

WATCH: A barge loaded with 40 tonnes of marine garbage collected by volunteers arrived in Richmond Tuesday. And while it was expected that most of it would be leftover from the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, the real story is even more disturbing. Linda Aylesworth reports.

A barge filled with 40 tonnes of marine debris gathered by hundreds of volunteers from the west coast of Vancouver Island docked in Richmond Monday night.

A portion of the debris collected, including fishing gear, industrial waste and Styrofoam, comes from the 2011 Japanese tsunami, which sent piles of marine garbage moving across the Pacific Ocean and to the rugged shorelines of British Columbia.

Residents and several key groups on Vancouver Island have been sounding the alarm about the pollution for years.

WATCH RAW: Volunteers sorting the debris

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