Art for Social Change

Welcome to the ICASC directory of national and international art for social change organizations, networks, educational programs and opportunities. This is a curated list focusing on art for social change – by no means a comprehensive community arts listing. If you are looking for more complete Canadian community arts listings, we highly recommend ArtBridges’ directory Read More

Apeejay Stya University

The Apeejay Stya University is a seat of global learning that offers rich opportunities for innovative teaching-learning, creativity and research across disciplines. It aims to bring about transformation of society through value-based education, man-making and nation-building, by blending together the dual identities of a technology and research based university with a liberal arts institution.

Power Plastic Recycling | recycle scrap plastic pipe

When you think of people working in manufacturing, you probably imagine them working with metal or concrete. There’s one material in particular “plastic”. It’s become really important to the manufacturing world over the years. We use in a wide variety of fantastic promotional products which are made with different kinds of plastic. For numerous consumer products, plastic is an essential component. However, every kind of plastic is not the same.
Today we are looking for different types of plastics with their own properties and uses. Plastics are so versatile. Many ways they help your business grow and run smoothly that we can forget. The word “Plastics” comes from Greek means ‘capable of being shaped or molded.

Condos In M City Mississauga

M City condos now available in Mississauga Toronto with negotiate price now you can buy a condo and start to experience a luxury life with M City Condos.

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Rendezvous Dive Adventures

Marine litter

Marine litter is a huge problem in our world. This page intends to explain in a short way what marine litter is and we can do about it.

Here is the 2016 marine litter survey for Barkley Sound

Blest Logo

Blest Company – Protect Earth from Contamination

Our company, Blest Co., Ltd.,is located in Kanagawa Pref. neighboring Tokyo. Located along the coastal area of Pacific Ocean, our principal goal is to contribute to maintain the beaches without trash-less environment through the world. Our services are offering the designing, developing and sales of the advanced machinery system of recycling plastic waste to oil aiming to eliminate the waste plastics of PP/PE/PS.

Virtual Ocean – Tour the Ocean Virtually

Virtual Ocean integrates the GeoMapApp tool suite with the NASA World Wind 3-D earth browser to create a powerful new platform for interdisciplinary research and education. The Global Multi-Resolution TopographyGMRTsynthesis developed by the Marine Geoscience Data SystemMGDS is the primary base map for Virtual Ocean, providing access to a comprehensive multi-resolution compilation of satellite altimetry Read More