Ocean Legacy works with and is founded on the principles of The Women’s Congress for Future Generations. The Congress galvanizes women, men and youth in a broader movement to protect our precious planet and care for future generations. The Congress joins together to catapult awareness about the critical issues confronting our planet and the consequences affecting every living species, including our children and grandchildren.



This Congress calls for a paradigm shift in policies, laws, alliances and norms to ones that support sustainability, justice and interconnection for a world in which present and future generations can thrive.


  • Some of the Goals of the Congress
  • To convene and create together the future we desire.
  • To ratify a living Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations and the Responsibilities of Present Generations based on science, law and ethics.
  • To transform public dialogue about our collective future.
  • To begin an inquiry about what tools and skills an emerging civil right movements for Future Generations might need to move forward.

More information can be found by exploring their website: http://wcffg.org/