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On the 13th and 14th day of sorting,
Things over the weekend went well. We were done sorting the majority of the debris and driftage on Thursday night. We are now done making the styrofoam drop offs which is about 50% or more of what we find along the beaches in terms of volume. We have a bit more to drop off but this event was a huge success! We also managed to find the only company in Canada able to recycle urathane foam, based right here in Vancouver. We will update everyone with results on plastic to oil and Upcycle opportunities.
Thanks again everyone, we hope these events can keep happening in the future.
The OL team

On the 12th day of sorting...

On the 12th day of sorting,
We are finished sorting!! Thank you to all the wonderful people who answered the call to...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Saturday, October 15, 2016

On the 11th day of sorting...

We had another incredible day with more wonderful people and around 120 students! There was foam and hard mixed plastics being sorted and bagged everywhere. This has been such an enriching experience for everyone and we hope very eye opening in terms of how bad plastic pollution is on our BC coastline and what sustainable end of life options are available to process this material.

See you all tomorrow, The OL Team

Chloé Dubois's photo.
Chloé Dubois's photo.
Chloé Dubois's photo.

On the Tenth Day of Sorting

Good morning,

Our Upcycle Challenge is coming to an end soon but there are more things to do and we could use the extra...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Thursday, October 13, 2016

On the Ninth Day of Sorting

On the 9th day of sorting,
Thank you to all the students and facilitators from False Creek Elementary School and the...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On the Eighth Day of Sorting

On the 8th day of sorting, we have 34 bags left! Our pyrolysis sample is just about complete with rope and plastic bricks. We are also testing the dirty white foam and mixed buoys. Updates to follow!

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On the Seventh Day of Sorting

On the 7th day of sorting, we had a bunch of wonderful people show up to keep sorting plastics. We are making a good...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Monday, October 10, 2016

On the Sixth Day of Sorting

We were interviewed by Global BC! Thanks for the media coverage and all the new volunteers that have contacted us and come down to help! The sorting is going great so far, and everyone is having a good time! Thanks to Electric Love Music Festival for the mention! See more on facebook:

On the 6th day of sorting we managed to form our first marine debris plastic brick, sort a heap of material and have a...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Sunday, October 9, 2016

We are on site today with The Ocean Legacy Foundation & Global BC cleaning up the debris from our West Coast!...

Posted by Electric Love Music Festival on Saturday, October 8, 2016

On the Fifth Day of Sorting


We now have over 15 categories we are sorting debris to in order to make almost zero landfill waste!!
So far, less then one cubic yard. We are making huge progress...come out tomorrow for music, festival tickets, free swag and good fun

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Wednesday, October 6, 2016

On the Fourth Day of Sorting

On the 4th day of sorting we have made a huge dent in the pile of marine debris. We have samples being created this...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Thursday, October 6, 2016

On the Third Day of Sorting


WOW! First results on clean white styrofoam from shoreline cleanup are in......drum roll please! It looks good and the material we all contributed to Vancouver based, Foam Only, works in their production line!

We will now be able to Upcycle this foam long term with success and locally. Nice work everyone !

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Wednesday, October 6, 2016



On the Second Day of Sorting

14608875_10154609593089628_5834060406488198057_o on the 2nd day of sortingOn the second day of sorting our team set up a great sorting system to separate resin codes (to the best of our ability) and are making steady progress. We had been planning on using plastic to fuel technology as an end of life solution and therefore did a lot of pre-sorting in the field. This has saved us countless hours already separating resin types!! Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Thursday, October 5, 2016

On the First Day of Sorting

On the first day of sorting we managed to fill a 40 foot horse trailer and make multiple smaller loads to save hundreds...

Posted by The Ocean Legacy Foundation on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This event is being organized so that the other half of the Gar Barge Project, roughly 200 bags of marine debris and some additional unsorted/ semi-sorted bags from the sorting celebration do not end up in the landfill!

DATES:     OCTOBER 3 - 17, 2016


LOCATION:      403 E Kent Ave N, Vancouver, BC- Unit 15


DAY 1: Mon, OCT 3, 4pm-8pm
DAY 2:
Tues, OCT 4,  4pm-8pm

DAY 3: Wed, OCT 5, 10am-8pm
DAY 4: Thurs, OCT 6, 10am-8pm
DAY 5: Fri, OCT 7, 10am-8pm
DAY 6: Sat, OCT 8, 10am-8pm
DAY 7: Sun, OCT 9, 10am-4pm- + Baling Materials
DAY 8: Mon, OCT 10, 10am-4pm- + Baling Materials
DAY 9:
Tues, OCT 11, 10am-5pm
DAY 10:
Thurs, OCT 13, 10am-8pm
DAY 11:
Fri, OCT 14, TBA
DAY 12:
Sat, OCT 15, TBA
DAY 13:
Sun, OCT 16, TBA 

PARKING: There is available free parking on site.

AMENITIES: There will be toilets, running water and power on site.

-Waterbottle or coffee mug
-Snacks and Lunch

FOOD: To be clear- there will be an available kitchen on site with microwave. Please bring your lunch and snacks for the day.

The Electric Love Crew will be providing sound and gear for an open decks session this Saturday, OCT 8 to keep everyone moving and dancing while sorting materials. They will also be giving away Electric Love tshirts, tanks, tucks and a handful of tickets to their upcoming festival in 2017!

Come on out to show your support!
Please call 250 538 2328 to get involved or answer any further questions.


Members of the Vancouver Island Marine Debris Working Group include the following and are responsible for the organization of in-field debris collection:

B.C. Marine Trails Network Association
The District of Ucluelet
The Living Oceans Society+ organizers of Gar Barge.
The Nuuchahnulth Tribal Council
The Ocean Legacy Foundation
Parks Canada
The Surfrider Foundation
The Vancouver Aquarium/Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

We wanted to start by thanking all of the countless volunteers, the kind people of Japan, the Ministry of Environment, The Vancouver Island Marine Debris Working Group and the many sponsors who have made this good work possible! You are all the true heart of restoring crucial marine ecosystems. We would also like to acknowledge that land access was granted by many First Nations communities to the Working Group in order to clean and remove debris down the entire West Coast of Vancouver Island and that we will be sorting material on the unceeded lands of the Coast Salish Territory.

The 2-day sorting celebration that took place over October 1 & 2 was amazing (!!) but not enough time to get through all of the material. In order to continue this great sorting initiative, we have arranged an additional two weeks to sort and bale materials so that they can be repurposed and upcycled. This was made possible by the huge donation of a warehouse space and baler by LUSH Cosmetics. They have been more then accommodating and have offered as much assistance as possible.

LUSH sorting space
LUSH Donated Sorting Space - Click image to read more about it.

These marine debris and driftage items were recovered from the remote wilderness of Vancouver Island. Over the spring and summer, hundreds of volunteers and sponsors contributed to the largest coordinated marine debris and drfitage cleanup along the West coast of Vancouver Island. There were two major loads of debris that were the result of these cleanup efforts. One, was an organized tug and barge that started from Cape Scott and worked South into the Broken Island Group, collecting roughly 300 bags. The second barge started along the South coast of Brooks/ MuQwin Peninsula and picked up bags down to the North section of Nootka Island. Between both loads we are estimating we have collected roughly 500 supersack bags, thousands of buoys, almost 200 tires, pallets, barrels and unidentified objects.

It is estimated that about 1/3 of the material collected over this season is from the devastating tragedy of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. This earthquake was registered at a magnitude of 9.0 (Mw) and reported 15,894 deaths. It is with care and respect that we help to recollect this drfitage and return some of these items back to the Japanese people. We thank the Japanese people for their generous and thoughtful gift which allowed this work to happen.


The load to sort!

It has been our upmost priority to arrange after life solutions for this debris to the best of our ability. Last year we were able to purchase our first plastic to fuel machine to begin converting various plastic resin codes back into a usable fuel.

*** We will again have our demonstration plastic to fuel machine running as an example of sustainable end of life solutions to a lot of this plastic debris.*** Come watch bottle caps turn back in fuel!***










James demonstrating our plastic to fuel machine
James demonstrating our plastic to fuel machine
Plastic to Fuel with our founder, Chloe Dubois
Plastic to Fuel with our founder, Chloe Dubois


plastic to fuel
Drop in trash and out comes gas!
Sharing is Caring!