Ocean Marine Debris Hotspot Map


Large amounts of plastic debris on the west side of Graham island, Haida Gwaii

Mobile Bay, the Gulf Beaches 8 miles of Polluted Shoreline

Plastic bottles on beach at Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, Mexico

Plastic debris (forks, bottles, shoes…) on coast of Half Moon bay of Yucatan Peninsula

Marine Debris, Plastic, Various, west of Tripoli-Elmina, Lebanon

San Blas Islands, Panama Marine Debris – Ocean Legacy x LBW Travel Hotspot Cleanup

Niʻihau Garbage Patch: Marine Debris Most Prevalent on Niʻihau

Hawaiian Island archipelago is in ocean trash trouble

38 million pieces of plastic waste found on uninhabited South Pacific island

A small island formed by trash in Tanjung Burung, on the coast of Indonesia’s Banten province

Trash Amongst the Beauty- Sechelt Waterfront Beach

Plastic Pollution near Parama Textiles Indonesia

Utilize our marine debris map to report ocean marine debris hotspots, as defined as beaches and shorelines or other open ocean areas where marine debris conglomerates.  We are making strong efforts to clean up as many of these ocean pollution hotspots as we are able to!  Help us to locate the most prevalent marine debris hotspots by mapping them here!

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