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Is your shoreline, local waterway or residing ocean water: polluted, covered in plastic or other human-made debris? Let us know, upload images, share your message and report pollution hotspots today!

Are you a part of an ocean focused organization? Add a listing to our Ocean Directory!

Our maps are user-interactive, meaning, you can directly add markers, view markers in selected categories, search for individual keywords within hotspots or directory listings, locations, by address, by category or search the entire map.




"Hotspot Marker" (1-Pollution Hotspot) are ocean pollution, plastic, shoreline pollution, marine debris.. basically any kind of ocean pollution that is in need of cleaning

"Expedition Marker" (2-Cleanup Expeditions) are events or trips out to the mapped "Hotspots" for cleaning and/ or surveying for cleaning. We are also categorizing ocean aware events here.

Our tools work natively on mobile and desktop devices so no need to download or install apps on your phone. All you need to use our mapping tools are an internet connection or a phone data connection.  Add hotspot locations on the go, where you are by allowing our map to geo-locate your current position. We offer these easy, globally accessible user-interactive mapping tools for helping to manage our ocean pollution.


ocean directory page


"Global Directory Listings" are markers for organizations, groups or individuals who are working towards cleaner oceans, ocean awareness, ocean information, news or related. If this describes your organization or you, please add a marker in your related category.

Users are able to add several types of markers to our interactive map:

Available Directory categories: 

  • Action Groups
  • Art & Performance
  • Conservation
  • Education & Research
  • Educational Tours
  • General/Other
  • Governance & Public Policy
  • Human Rights
  • Marine Organizations
  • Ocean Environmental Data
  • Ocean News & Media
  • Oil Spills Database
  • Partners & Sponsors
  • Rehabilitation
  • Science & Technology
  • Waste Management

Once you click on a "Submit Listing" button, you will be forwarded to the submission form. The icons are located in various places, above the map and in the top menus.
 submit listing

NOTE: You may be asked if you wish to share your current location, (via a small pop up window) this is useful if you are at the pollution location currently.


1 - Enter your full name

2 - Enter your email address (optional) but you will have to fill out contact form to submit without registering for an account

3 - Enter the title of the Marker, if this is a "Hotspot", enter something such as "Pollution near south Hawaii" be descriptive, the same goes if it is a "Cleanup Expedition". If this is a Directory Marker, enter the title of your organization, group, etc.

4 - Choose a Category from the drop down menu. You are able to choose unlimited categories. The first two categories are for "Hotspots" and "Cleanup Expeditions". If you are planning an Expedition or have an Event, choose Expeditions. IF this is a Directory Marker entry, choose the relevent category under Global Mapped Directory. (See Special Fields 7., fields show up after category is selected.)

5 - You may add one or multiple photos (up ato 6) to your marker listing. Either drag and drop the photos on your computer or click the "by selecting them" link.  Depending on the type of lising, upload relevent photos. IE: "Hotspots" upload images of the polluted area if possible. If Directory Marker, upload your organizations logo. NEW: You can also link a youtube video to your listing by pasting the link.

6 - Add details about the marker in the description box.  This box contains WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) html editing capabilities.  You are also able to DRAG AND DROP photos to this area which will automatically upload and post in the details of your entry. You may also add more photos by using the Image Button located in the toolbar.

7 - SPECIAL FIELDS: Once a Category has been selected from the dropdown menu Special Fields show up under the main edit window.  Hotspots category has a "What Type of Debris?" field and a "Mitigation Info" field for success story notes.

If you are entering a Directory Marker, there fields related to your chosen category.

8 - Next, either you have geolocated yourself or you can click Generate on Map to have a starting marker to drag to your chosen position. You may also enter the complete address or latitude and longitude coordinates to map the pollution or directory entry this way. If the org has no address, and is worldwide just click somewhere in the ocean!

9 - Once all data has been entered, click the Submit button to enter the marker into the database.  The marker is immediately viewable on the relevent map pages.  If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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