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LIVE: Sept 8, 2018 – Launching the First Ocean Cleanup System 001

#oceanlegacyfoundation #oceancleanup LIVE TODAY, Sept 8, We are down with The Ocean Cleanup crew, launching the first ocean cleanup System 001 from Alameda! Join us and watch live!   https://www.theoceancleanup.com/system001/ https://oceanlegacy.ca

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New Report: GROWING ISSUE OF PLASTIC MARINE DEBRIS from Vancouver Island University & Ocean Legacy

VIEW OR DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT: VIU- Ocean Legacy Paper- Addressing the Growing Issue of Plastic Marine Debris within the Central East Coastline of Vancouver Island This report was just published between The Ocean Legacy Foundation and the University of Vancouver Island.  We feel that this research is a game changer!  Let’s see what our government Read More

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RETHINK PLASTIC – and save our oceans – Sign the Petition #StopSingleUse – Canadian Wildlife Federation

SHARE THIS POST AND SIGN THE PETITION! YOUR ENDORSEMENT IS NEEDED FOR A NATIONAL PETITION! We have an environmental disaster that is quietly happening to one of Canada’s greatest natural heritages … the lakes, rivers and oceans that make up our precious waterways! #stopsingleuse Plastic is everywhere. It makes up the bags at our grocery Read More

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A Plastic Ocean – We Need a Wave of Change – Film

BUY OR RENT THE FILM TODAY AND HELP CREATE A WAVE OF CHANGE!  (All proceeds directly benefit the Plastic Oceans Foundation)  VISIT PLASTIC OCEANS FOR MORE INFO: http://www.plasticoceans.ca/ About the Film: Scientists Solving a Jigsaw Puzzle…Gyre by Gyre If it was happening in one gyre, they suspected it was happening in all of them. But Read More

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7 Trash Management Techniques for Preventing Ocean Contamination

Written for The Ocean Legacy Foundation by Erich Lawson Marine trash is becoming a major problem around the globe, poisoning our oceans and throwing their natural ecosystems out of balance. Toxic chemicals, crude oil and plastic are particularly dangerous, breaking down into small particles that are swallowed by fish, birds and marine mammals, causing reproductive Read More

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Hidden Heroes

Now Newspaper: HIDDEN HEROES, Surrey couple is keen to clean the globe’s oceans

Article From The Now Newspaper By TOM ZILLICH February 2, 2017 · 10:45 AM Newton’s Chloé Dubois and James Middleton are founders of the Ocean Legacy Foundation. / TOM ZILLICH SURREY — Chloé Dubois has seen her share of plastic drink containers floating in the ocean off Vancouver Island, but it was the number of Read More

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The Big Sort – Haikai Magazine

Clearing tonnes of plastic debris off beaches is only the first step—then comes the conundrum of what to do with it all. by Laura Trethewey READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT HAIKAI MAGAZINE Published December 19, 2016 On a sunny afternoon in September, a barge roughly the size of a dump truck pulls into Delta, British Read More

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The 14 Day Upcycle Challenge Kids

CBC News: Scores of children help divert beach garbage from landfill

Field-tripping children and volunteers race to clear a warehouse of recyclables By Rafferty Baker, CBC News Posted: Oct 14, 2016 11:09 AM PTLast Updated: Oct 14, 2016 11:09 AM PT Chloe Dubois with Ocean Legacy Foundation stands in front of a pile of Styrofoam sorted by groups of children, (Krista Tulloch) Groups of school children have Read More

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