ocean pollution hotspot map

Are your shorelines, local waterways or ocean waters polluted with plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, chunks, pieces, etc? Is there an abundance of other human made debris we should be aware of? Let us know!



Many shorelines and ocean waters worldwide are now in need of immediate rehabilitation from plastic dumping and other pollution contaminates. The extent and concentration of this pollution on a global scale, however speculated, is unknown. Let us connect the dots; building a world-wide illustrative database and a powerful network of concerned global citizens everywhere.

Our interactive map identifies where in the world ocean and shoreline pollution is a significant problem so that further action and data may be taken. Posting your Hotspot allows you to share images and other significant details about your site, informing the rest of world, and creating international media around unknown Hotspots for people to act towards their rehabilitation.

Thank you for being a solution to ocean pollution!

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